Sacred Counterpart Sessions

Your sacred counterpart journey starts here:

step 1 : assessment

  • You schedule a session with Divine Counterparts Peter and Rachel and they will tune in together to see where you are now and where you want to be. This includes looking at future probabilities with relationships and parallel realities that can be created in your future.

step 2: CLEArING blockages

  • In these sessions we dive deep to clear any and all of your energetic, ancestral bloodlines, past life relationship patterns, abandonment issues, emotional triggers, and trauma that needs clearing as a couple or as an individual. Your sacred counterpart healing sessions usually involve energetic cord cutting, shamanic energy melding and soul shard retrieval, psychic surgery, past life regression, trauma reconstruction, and the like.

step 3: activating the divine sacred template

  • In this step we move into mentoring the couple or you as an individual. From here, having cleared all past encumbrances, we establish a firm 5D foundation of the balanced Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine energies within the relationship, as well as the individual. Your activation sessions include guided sacred ceremonies, tantric healing and connection, energy melding, balancing your own feminine and masculine energies, and fully embodying the Divine Sacred Template.


  • Now that you have completed your personal transformation with us through all the steps, it is important to integrate your new 5D Sacred Counterpart relationship aspects into your every day waking life. These sessions include solidifying your personal life mission and clarifying your combined sacred union purpose. At this point in the journey you will be fully empowered, feeling confident and aligned, standing in your own Highest Vibrational Self!


Pricing and packages

Sacred Relationship Transformational Up-leveling ~  $2,600 minimum
Multi-Day Couples Package – 4 hours per day, 2 days (additional days upon request)

This is a popular package for couples to integrate during a personal vacation. It is designed for consecutive days of treatment for couples to get their sacred relationship on the highest vibrational track possible in the shortest amount of time! Couples can fly out to Santa Monica, CA or San Antonio, TX or fly Peter and Rachel to them!

When we start our journey together, Peter and Rachel will sit down with the couple and dive in deep with their balanced masculine and feminine psychic perception to perform etheric scans and in-depth assessments of each partner. Energy assessments may include past lives together, karmic and cosmic ties, energetic patterns that may need to be transmuted or removed, spiritual alignment with your highest selves, underlying structures, and more.

From here a multidimensional approach is taken to help the couple FULLY ALIGN in their individual and sacred union counterpart balance. This may include psychic, shamanic, and angelic energetic melding, vibrational restructuring, light body integration, future ascension guidance and more.

Sacred Relationship Transformational Up-leveling – $2,600.00 – 2-Day Couples Package – 4 hours per day!

Individual or Couple Sessions

1 hour In-Person, Phone, Skype
  • 60 minute personal session $350

1 and 1/2 hour In-Person, Phone, Skype
  • 90 minute personal session $525

2 hour In-Person, Phone, Skype
  • 120 minute personal session $700

2 and 1/2 hour In-Person, Phone, Skype
  • 150 minute personal session $875

3 hour In-Person, Phone, Skype
  • 180 minute personal session $1,050

premium Package Deal $900 (for a $1,050 value)

3 – 1 hour sessions

elite Package Deal $1,700 (for a $2,100 value)

6 – 1 hour sessions

OR 3 – 2 hour sessions

CRYSTALLINE Package Deal $3,200 (for a $4,200 value)

12 – 1 hour sessions

OR 6 – 2 hour sessions

OR 4 – 3 hour sessions


“I recently had the pleasure of working with Peter and Rachel in a joint session. I was in need of some clarity, clearing, cord cutting and healing after a very difficult experience. The combination of their intense, compassionate and dedicated energies created a palpable atmosphere in which it was easy to dive in and believe

I would receive what I needed most.  I could not deny that real work was being done. Rachel used her clairvoyance and other psychic abilities to tune into the issues with laser-point precision. She spoke from her higher wisdom and purest heart space to help me see myself and others involved with understanding and compassion.

Peter brought in the angelic energies and began doing body scanning and energy work to clear my aura of the traumas. Then, Rachel held the atmosphere with drumming and vocalizing while Peter channeled messages that cut down to the core and healed from the inside out. They worked together so seamlessly it was like they shared a brain. By the end of the hour, I felt like I had released the hurtful aspects and could see the way in which the experience was bringing me further along in my journey.

I am so grateful for Rachel and Peter!! In the following days and weeks, as I faced possible triggers, I was able to look back on this session and hear the healing words they channeled for me in order to continue forward. This kind of work could have taken months or years to process through on my own. To summarize – the session was highly effective and gave me tools to continue the work on my own.

Absolutely worth every minute and penny invested!!!”
-Sara Markgraf


What is your Cancellation and Late policy?

  • We have a 24-hour cancellation notice required. If you are late, you are still responsible for paying for the entire session because that block of time was set aside for you. Communicated emergencies are understood of course.