Sacred Counterparts

Wherever you may be in this NOW moment, relationships are a prime catalyst for your spiritual & emotional growth, so gaining an inclusive, higher vibrational perspective is just point blank – invaluable!

As we go through our ascension process, working on our own personal spiritual development, we all eventually hit a point where relationships must be integrated. To take your own evolutionary growth to the next level your relationships are paramount!

This is where we come in to work with individuals and couples and have helped clients clear any and all past relational blockages, open them up to higher vibrational union, and activate their divine sacred counterpart template into full integration!

Our Vision

As our own relationship developed we both realized we had a combined mission to help others on this 5D sacred relationship journey. So many couples and individuals awakening to their own multidimensional self reach a point where their relationships must up-level in order to stay relevant. We went through it ourselves as individual professional light workers and then together as a sacred counterpart couple, so we both know personally that the transition can be very jarring and we felt called to help others through this process.

Our vision is to act as facilitators and guides to individuals and couples that are seeking to fully embody their divine masculine and divine feminine energies as singular and as a unified holy trinity couple. In the end our clients feel truly empowered, fully living in their Divine Self, Divine Sacred Union, cleared of all blocks and encumbrances, and blissfully following their own mission on this earth!

Peter – Psychic angelic channeler

“Peter Hansen is a well-known psychic angelic channeler, with a unique Archangel Gabriel connection from which he receives messages from the angelic realm.

Peter is a master at etheric cord cutting from any negative energies/entities or unhealthy relationships. His readings view future probabilities and parallel realities as well as offering spiritual ascension guidance for whatever you might go through in your personal life.

Peter has a phenomenal heart and embodies such a rare balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine within himself.”


Rachel – The Modern Shaman

“As a modern shaman, Rachel acts as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world. She is able to see and experience the unseen world around and within us and use her psychic gifts to translate what she sees. Her expertise includes traditional psychic readings, past life visions, remote viewing, channeling, mediumship, medical intuition, energy balancing, shamanic healings and more.

Rachel Kirkland, The Modern Shaman, is a world renowned Psychic and Shaman. She travels the globe teaching her own Psychic Development Courses, has appeared on the BeYou channel, was a monthly spiritual contributor on the Spaced Out Radio Show, has been featured in numerous podcasts, and was awarded ‘Best Female Medium in the World’ in the 2016 World Paranormal Awards!”

about US

Peter and Rachel met while both working within the metaphysical community, Peter as a Psychic Angelic Channeler and Rachel as a Psychic and Shaman. Their unique angelic and shamanic energies embody both the Mother Earth and Father Sky elements brining into balance the perfected sacred union template.

What makes their work so incredibly profound is that it combines psychic and shamanic multidimensional sight with relational guidance. They are able to use their clairvoyance and clairsentience to SEE and FEEL where the relationship blockages may be, create and guide you through releasing energy work and ceremonies where needed, and project into the future where your relationship is headed. It is an amazing combination of sight and heart, earth and sky, cosmic and elemental, feminine and masculine infused sessions that bring about transformational change, healing, and divine alignment!


The Sacred Counterpart journey starts long before this lifetime. It is both a personal and a collective experience of finding one’s divine feminine and divine masculine balance and seeking personal mastery within and without.

Your sacred counterpart journey starts here: